XposeALI ® 3D in vitro cell culturing module gets European patent

  • 8 oktober, 2018
  • 08:47

The European Patent Office has granted a patent to XposeALI, ISAB’s in vitro cell culturing module. “XposeALI delivers exceptionally precise, detailed data on how airborne micro- and nanoparticles particles affect cells in the lung, early on—whilst dramatically reducing the number of animals needed in research,” says ISAB CEO Lena Heffler.

XposeALI is PreciseInhale®’s 3D cell exposure module. It’s one of a range of modules, in vitro and in vivo, that can be attached to ISAB’s aerosol generator, PreciseInhale® to enable control and precision through all stages of lung research. It combines precision aerosol dosing with 3D cell models cultured in an Air Liquid Interface (ALI) – delivering detailed in vitro data on the cellular effects of airborne particulates.

XposeALI ®was purchased and installed at the institute of environmental medicine at Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm in 2016, where it has been used extensively in research on nano- as well as micro- particle pollutants. Assoc. Professor at the institute, Lena Palmberg: “Culturing 3D models in an Air Liquid Interface mimics the uptake of substances into the lung more exactly than conventional cell culturing. Cost-effective and very precise, it gives toxicologists and environmental researchers precise results that closely mirror in vivo findings.”

ISAB CEO Lena Heffler: “XposeALI ® was granted a patent in China in November 2017, we’re delighted it has now cleared this crucial milestone here in Europe.”

XposeALI ®’s European patent number is 61583EP.