Large-lung models: 21 May 2024

Translation of Inhaled Exposures throughout Drug Development
In this webinar, ISAB CSO Per Gerde is joined by Rebecca Fransson (Principal Scientist in Biopharmaceutics at AstraZeneca), Steven Oag (Director of Animal Science and Technologies, AstraZeneca) and Pär Ewing (DMPK Design Lead, AstraZeneca) who discuss how to:

  • usea large-lung preclinical model to generate preclinical in vivo data
  • reduce translational errors through drug development using this method
  • carry out single-animal Nose-only and intra-Tracheal exposures using one-animal-at-a-time precision dosing on the PreciseInhale system

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Inhaled biologics: 11 December 2023

Realization and Preclinical Testing of Dry Powder Formulations
In this webinar, Per Gerde and Paolo Raffaelli, CSO and CCO respectively of Inhalation Sciences, with Ann Gidner and Xavier Turon, CEO and COO respectively from Ziccum, will discuss how to:

  • Turn your biologic therapy into a stable dry powder at room temperature
  • Generate actionable preclinical data to calibrate successive steps and consolidate your investor pitch
  • Get insight into lung retention and PK curves for your dry powder biologics

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In vivo webinar: 2 May 2023

Human and Nonclinical Translational Dose Implications in Respiratory Drug Development
In this webinar, Matt Reed, PhD, principal at Coelus Bio, and Per Gerde, founder at CSO at Inhalation Sciences discuss how to:

  • Generate a clinical dose estimate on the basis of preclinical data.
  • Describe a specific example of generating a clinical dose for an antibiotic delivered via a nebulizer.
  • How the rodent models are accurate for tidal breathing preclinical exposures and clinical exposures through nebulizers.
  • For bolus delivery, a large lung model is necessary for a smoother translational exercise.

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In vitro webinar: 30 March 2023

The DissolvIt Dissolution Method Case Study and Bioanalysis of Inhaled
In this webinar, Maria MaImlof, Ph.D., Director of Project and in vitro Specialist, Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB, and Prof. Hermann Mascher, Founder of pharm-analyt Labor GmbH and Bioanalytical Consultant, discuss the following:

  • How the DissolvIt dissolution method can generate PK curves similar to in vivo or human studies.
  • How the DissolvIt method provides strong discriminative power across APIs, formulations, physical forms, and physiologically relevant data.
  • A case study on Glycopyrronium and Indacaterol using the DissolvIt® method.
  • Bioanalysis of small-volume DissolvIt samples with low LLOQs.

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