Prototype in vivo docking table

  • 15 september, 2015
  • 09:55

(July 2015) Here’s the prototype of the new in vivo docking table we’ve designed. Both the height and angle of the table can easily be adjusted (unlike other testing tables), making testing smoother and more efficient for the researcher and the animal.

For intratracheal exposure the whole table can be glided forward for gentler docking. The top plate is removable and exchangeable, so it’s easier to clean and can be easily changed to a plate adapted for nose-only exposures.

Although we designed the table to work with PreciseInhale we believe it will offer smoother, more efficient testing when used with other in vivo testing technologies too. The prototype is in plastic, the finished product is being made in stainless steel.

(L-R): Prototype, fully adjustable height and angle (left.) The intratracheal setting enables gentler, smoother intubation (center.) Nose-only setting (right.)

Protoype docking table     The intratracheal setting enables gentler, smoother intubation     In vivo docking table nose only final