XposeALI ®

XposeALI ®3D cell exposure module combines aerosol capability with 3D cell models cultured at an Air Liquid Interface (ALI). It enables studies of cellular effects induced by airborne particles.

XposeALI®Technical Specifications

XposeALI® in combination with PreciseInhale® enables aerosol exposure of lung cells with respirable aerosols, generated from dry powder, DPI/pMDIs or nebulizer. In the ALI setup cells are exposed to air at the ”luminal” side and media at the ”vascular” side, mimicking the conditions in the lung.

XposeALI® – Advantages

Short exposure times

  • XposeALI® can deliver concentrated aerosol

Cell surface specific aerosol deposition material

  • The exposure hood restricts the area avalible for exposure avoiding deposition on the insert walls
  • Particle deposition only on the cell surface

Even distribution of particles on the cell surface

  • Because of the lateral to central flow over the whole cell surface

Easy mass reconciliation

  • Aerosol, is collected from the central output into a filter


Key benefits and features:

  • Enables studies of cellular effects induced by airborne particles
  • Cell exposure at an Air-Liquid Interface, simulating the lung environment
  • Flexible aerosol sources: dry powder, inhalers or nebulizer
  • Precision dosing