With nebulizers

Nebulizer Aerosol Generator

When the Nebulizer Aerosol Generator is mounted to PreciseInhale®, dry powder-like aerosols can be generated from liquid solutions, preferably from ? 1% water soluble starting material. This aerosol can be exposed to either Rat Intratracheal Exposure Module or Rat Nose-Only Exposure Module.

The solution is aerosolized by a modified and integrated nebulizer unit (Aeroneb Pro) and then dried “on the fly” within the holding chamber to a respirable particle size.


  • Liquids solutions as starting material
  • Real-time and in-line drying
  • Optional to deliver either wet or dry-powder-like aerosol from liquid solution starting material
  • Monitoring of aerosol concentration during exposure


  • Dry powder-like aerosol generation of hygroscopic materials or non-micronized powders
  • No need of spray drying the material before aerosolization
  • Repetitive dose delivery