This nose-only module exposes single rodents, one-at-a-time, to respirable aerosols from PreciseInhale® safely, gently and precisely - reducing standard deviation, the number of test animals needed and obtaining highly reliable pharmacokinetic data.

Nose-only inhalation is a standard method of exposure used in preclinical testing of inhalation drugs as well as inhalation toxicity studies in rodents. This method has the advantage of directed respiratory exposures compared with exposures in whole body chambers.

Using the PreciseInhale® system for nose-only inhalation exposures in vivo allows reducing variability of exposure between animals and substance consumption due to individual active dosing control. Unlike ex vivo experiments in the IPL model, in vivo experiments allow studying distribution of inhaled drugs to blood and other tissues, as well as metabolism and clearance following the delivery of a well-controlled dose using the PreciseInhale® system.

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Key benefits and features:

  • Individual exposure monitoring & dosing
  • Low inter-individual variation of exposures
  • Low substance consumption