With the module for intratracheal inhalation exposures of rodents to respirable aerosols by the PreciseInhale® system, it is possible following administration to obtain pharmacokinetic data resembling clinical inhalation exposures.

The intratracheal instillation of liquid suspensions or insufflation of dry powders and nose-only inhalation are the standard methods of exposure used in preclinical testing of inhalation drugs in rodents.

Using the PreciseInhale® system for intratracheal inhalation exposures in vivo allows combining the most wanted properties of the standard methods. The intratracheal inhalation exposures offer good control of the dose delivered, distribution pattern of the administered materials in the lungs resembling that obtained during clinical inhalation exposures and low substance consumption. Intratracheal inhalation in vivo experiments allow studying distribution of inhaled drugs to blood and other tissues, as well as metabolism and clearance following the delivery of a well?controlled dose using the PreciseInhale® system.

Key feature/advantages:

  • Active control of the dose delivered
  • Distribution of substance in the lungs resembling the clinical situation
  • Low substance consumption

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