King’s College London purchases PreciseInhale®

  • 24 februari, 2016
  • 20:06

King’s College Institute of Pharmaceutical Science is purchasing ISAB’s PreciseInhale® system to strengthen its capabilities in respiratory research.

Read the PDF here: King’s College London Purchases PreiceInhale 2016.25.03

ISAB CEO Fredrik Sjövall: “We’re delighted to deepen our relationship with the outstanding team of innovators at King’s. It helps us generate important publications, and gives King’s the capability to generate a world-class standard of detailed, high-quality data.”

Professor Ben Forbes, at King’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Science: “ISAB are highly expert and take a collaborative academic approach. We have been collaborating with them on our simulated lung lining fluid project since 2014.  Their bespoke engineered kit is excellent.”

Precision dosing with two in vivo modules

The purchase includes PreciseInhale®’s nose?only in vivo module which exposes rodents to aerosols one at a time, and delivers real inhalation dosing with a typical SD of around 10 percent. The intratracheal inhalation module, unique to ISAB, allows high control and precision dosing, the distribution pattern of administered materials in the lungs it provides more closely resembles that obtained during clinical inhalation exposures.

PreciseInhale® will be installed at King’s in the first half of April 2016. ISAB CEO Fredrik Sjövall: “It speaks volumes about the quality of our system and the data it generates that PreciseInhale® has been chosen to play such a key role in King’s pioneering work – work that will potentially power faster, more cost-effective testing of drugs in a world with fast-growing cases of COPD and asthma.”