Inhalation sciences receives us patent approval for preciseinhale®

  • 19 oktober, 2013
  • 13:19

STOCKHOLM – September 18, 2013. Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB, a portfolio company of Karolinska Development, announces today that the company has received US Patent Approval for its flagship technology the PreciseInhale® System.

The PreciseInhale® System is a combination of a highly efficient aerosol generator and a precision dosing aerosol exposure unit. The recently issued US Patent protects methods of transporting an aerosol from an aerosol generator to a target lung by an operation including a specially designed aerosol holding chamber. Patent expiry is 2028.

With several key patents protecting the Inhalation Sciences technology around PreciseInhale®, three patents issued in the US and three more pending, the recent approval for the core delivery technology at the heart of Inhalation Sciences’ next generation PreciseInhale® System is a powerful confirmation of the maturity and gold standard of the platform.

“This patent approval confirms that our approach to generating and dosing aerosols is truly innovative and it makes us even more comfortable with speeding up the ongoing partnering activities”, says CEO Fredrik Sjövall.

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Fredrik Sjövall, CEO, Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB
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About Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB
Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB sells proprietary tools and services that accelerate drug discovery timelines and reduce attrition rates in the clinical phase when developing pharmaceuticals intended for inhalation administration. For more information, please visit:

About the PreciseInhale® System
The PreciseInhale® System creates and delivers respirable dry powder aerosols to a series of biological exposure models ranging from cell studies to early clinical testing. The system consists of two units; an aerosol generator and a dispensing unit. While the generator unit de?agglomerates powders to aerosols with high efficiency, the dispensing unit delivers the aerosols to different exposures models with high precision and active dosing control. For more information, please visit: