Inhalation Sciences AB (publ.) is spinning out Laminar Pace into a standalone company under the leadership of Göran Conradson.

  • 27 juni, 2017
  • 08:41

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN – June 27, 2017. Patented instrument LaminarPace is unique: It dries costly drug substances at room temperature so they can be safely stored and transported anywhere in the world, whatever the climate—without destroying their active ingredient. With uses extending far beyond inhalation, Inhalation Sciences AB (publ.) is spinning Laminar Pace out into a standalone company under the leadership of Life Sciences authority Göran Conradson.

Göran Conradson has successfully commercialized more than 15 new products and technologies in the Life Science industry. He will helm the new standalone company commercializing Inhalations Sciences’ patented spray drying system LaminarPace.

“Early-stage research substances can cost tens of thousands of Euros per gram–yet many are still delivered and stored as liquids, even though we know dry powders are more stable, more durable, easier to work with and safer to transport,” says Conradson. “LaminarPace is a tested, CE-marked, low-waste solution for drying substances, whilst keeping their active ingredient alive. For transporting and storing biologics and vaccines safely anywhere in the world, for example, it’s a low-waste, robust solution.”

Competing freeze drying technologies can easily damage the activity of substances. But LaminarPace spray dries them at room temperature, handling temperature-sensitive materials such as proteins, peptides and small molecules, and delivering low material losses.

Inhalation Sciences (ISAB) CEO Fredrik Sjövall: “The potential areas of application for LaminarPace extend far beyond inhalation, even though it was first developed as a complementary product to PreciseInhale®. With ISAB going into IPO this year, and sales of PreciseInhale® growing, we wanted to focus our entire organisation on the pioneering changes we’re achieving in inhalation, and let LaminarPace off the leash. Göran is a powerful, experienced executive in Life Sciences. He fully understands the potential of LaminarPace and we look forward to supporting him any way we can as he gears LaminarPace up in a receptive market with a clear need.”

About Inhalation Sciences AB (publ.)
Every time we breathe in a new substance, it could help or harm us. With PreciseInhale®, Inhalation Sciences’ advanced laboratory equipment, scientists can finally know for sure know exactly how a particle will affect us, and act in our lungs, when we breathe it in. Whether it’s a potentially harmful pollutant, or potentially life-saving drug—PreciseInhale® knows—and will become the standard R&D tool for inhalation research, worldwide.

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Fredrik Sjövall, CEO
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