PreciseInhale® pinpointed at influential Fraunhofer ITEM industry seminar

  • 31 januari, 2019
  • 10:47

Fraunhofer ITEM’s regular ‘Models of Lung Disease’ seminars are an influential meeting place for industry and academia to share knowledge on predictive lung disease models and translational lung research. At this year’s event a researcher detailed PreciseInhale® and its IVIVC capabilities in a well-received presentation.

120 inhalation scientists from industry and academia attended the 18th Fraunhofer ITEM Seminar ‘Models of Lung Disease’ in Hannover, Germany, January 24 – 25. ISAB CEO Lena Heffler and CSO Per Gerde were there.

PreciseInhale® plus modules presented by Kinga Balogh Sivers in her presentation ’A 3D human airway model that enables prediction of respiratory toxicity of inhaled drugs in vitro

“There were many exciting and important lecture,” says CEO Lena Heffler. “The need from many researchers for a stable, standardized method of delivering highly precise preclinical doses of aerosol from powder, inhalers and solution was clear. Many talked about the importance of being able to deliver a dose that really reaches the lung and does not get stuck on the road—so producing data that is really precise, predictive and repeatable. The need was so clear, and of course all this our technology achieves—so we have a lot to do!”

PreciseInhale® pinpointed for IVIVC

One keynote presentation came from pharmaceutical researcher Kinga Balogh Sivers. Titled ’A 3D human airway model that enables prediction of respiratory toxicity of inhaled drugs in vitro’ it described and showed slides of ISAB’s aerosol generating, precision dosing tool PreciseInhale®. The presentation described how PreciseInhale® can test the same aerosol across a wide range of exposure modules including in vitro, in vivo or ex vivo. Meaning few translational errors and exceptional predictive precision it effectively takes researcher closer to IVIVC.