New nanocarrier vaccinations? Researcher gets hands-on with PreciseInhale

  • 19 september, 2016
  • 14:16

A new vaccination based on antigen-nanocarriers was discussed recently at the ISAB labs. Kiel University researcher Judith Heidland visited to explore how PreciseInhale could further support her research, and generate in vivo-like data early on. How did she find the ISAB technology – and team?

“PreciseInhale was easy to handle and the powder we examined showed reproducible results,” said doctoral researcher Judith Heidland from the Department of Pharmaceutics and Biopharmaceutics in Kiel, Germany. Judith took a few moments to reflect on her exploratory visit to the ISAB labs on 14-15 September.


What is your research focused on?

“The idea is to develop a new kind of vaccination based upon antigen-nanocarriers that are incorporated into particles suitable for nasal or pulmonary application. I focus on characterizing the nanoparticles – especially regarding their effect on immune cells, uptake into cells and viability of cells after exposure.”

How was it working hands-on with PreciseInhale, and what kind of results did you get?

“The device was easy to handle. The experiments showed that the powders I had developed could be aerosolized with PreciseInhale. Applying dry powder to membranes / cells (and animals) precisely sounds really promising. By doing this we could conduct experiments that are likely to better resemble the in-vivo exposures.”

Was there anything about the system that particularly surprised you?

”The diversity of the modules that can be used with it! I also tried phantom exposure which went really well. And I had the chance to see a DissolvIt experiment.”

How did you find it working with the ISAB team?

“They were really great. They got me started with a presentation of PreciseInhale, giving me the chance to get an idea of all the possibilities of the device. Then we started with experiments which really helped me understand it. The team was really great at thinking themselves into my topic, answering all my questions and providing me further information on how our group could use PreciseInhale.”

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