New Hi-Yield Tubing more than doubles substance yield in PreciseInhale

  • 15 februari, 2016
  • 10:25

ISAB have developed new HiYield Tubing for the PreciseInhale system after carrying out comparative research on different materials. Made from a specially developed non-adhesive Tygon, HiYield increases the amount of aerosolized test substance reaching the system’s test modules from 173.3 µg to 455.2 µg.

HiYield TubingISAB Product and Sales Manager Mikael Mikko: “With test substance as costly as it is every microgram counts. Every component, no matter how tiny, can have a big impact on results. The 4 cm section of tubing that runs between PreciseInhale’s holding chamber and collection filter is crucial. It directly impacts the yield of aerosolized test substance in PreciseInhale’s test modules.”

In November 2015 Mikko ran a series of tests on budesonide to compare the performance of silicon (used in earlier versions of the tubing) and Tygon. The tests showed Tygon was significantly less adhesive. Mikko then refined the type of Tygon used in further tests – to achieve the most non-adhesive and malleable material for the tubing.

New HiYield TubingHiYield, the specially developed Tygon, cut substance lost in the tubing during testing from 230.5 µg (silicon) to 7.3 µg – in mean percentage terms a reduction from 10.6% (silicon) to 0.4% (HiYield) of the loaded amount. The yield of test substance passing through to the collection filter increased from 173.3 µg (silicon) to 455.2 µg (HiYield) – in mean percentage terms an increase from 9.7% (silicon) to 22.3% (HiYield).

“Constant evaluation and upgrading has always been key to the quality and volume of PreciseInhale’s results,” Mikko says. “Customers can purchase HiYield as part of PreciseInhale. It is available in disposable segments that can be easily replaced for each test.”

New HiYield pic2