New heat mantles and software: LaminarPace

  • 3 november, 2015
  • 18:02

New LP front straightFinally – we’ve been able to install our enhanced spray drying micronization system LaminarPace in our own labs. (Our customers snapped up the first upgrades.) New heat mantles automatically monitor and regenerate the system’s carbon and silica gel. The system also has a new fan house, software and moisture detectors.

The new heat mantles automatically regenerate the activated carbon and silica gel in the left hand regeneration column when it becomes saturated, returning it to its full capacity. The right-hand drying column generates dry micronized powders.

If – as many labs do – you’re using the system repeatedly, and spray drying a lot of batches, you can now do so without having to stop to monitor or replace the carbon and silica gel. The result is less downtime, plus it’s easier to use. We’ve also improved the fan house, software and moisture detectors in the system. And, as you’ll see from the photo, upgraded the cladding and screen wrap guarding it.

LaminarPace is high yield and low consumption: It formulates powders at a product yield of > 90% for batches down to 20 mg.

New LP front angled