New fraction collector triples volume of in vitro testing

  • 8 juli, 2016
  • 10:44

A new triplicate fraction collector lets ISAB’s in vitro simulation R&D tool DissolvIt run three experiments in parallel: a 200% increase in efficiency.

ISAB’s fraction collector has long been recognized as a unique New triplicate fraction collectorbenefit by ISAB’s R&D customers. Unlike conventional fraction collectors it is programmable, with sophisticated software. For researchers looking for in vitro data that can predict in vivo data early on it gives a crucial benefit: letting them monitor how particles dissolve in the lung over time (not just immediately after inhalation), by pre-programming intervals between collections throughout tests.

Now a new triplicate fraction collector is making ISAB’s in vitro simulation module DissolvIt three times more efficient, and productive.

Maria Malmlöf, ISAB’s in vitro studies manager: “Our in vitro simulation module DissolvIt will now be able to run three experiments in parallel, an increase in efficiency of 200%. For our cell culturing module XposeALI it enables us to generate pharmacokinetic (PK) data, in triplicate, at the same time”.

How does it work?

“This makes DissolvIt a lot more flexible,” Malmlöf says. “The new fraction collector collects specimens directly into three sets of cryo tubes. It also has a splash guard which prevents droplets moving from one tube to another. As ever you can program fraction collections over time, setting drain periods at intervals of your choice between. For DissolvIt we will soon be able to generate PK data in triplicate tests all at the same time. With both our in vitro solutions it means more detailed data on how particles behave in the lung over time.”

Enlarging the capacity and capabilities of the modules has always been part of the long-term development plan Malmlöf points out: “The idea has been there from the beginning. And is a big part of further commercializing the system.”