Let PreciseInhale surprise you – at RDD 2016

  • 14 april, 2016
  • 13:33

“When people first see PreciseInhale one of the most common reactions is surprise,” says Product and Sales Manager Mikael Mikko. He will be meeting visitors to the Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) Conference, Phoenix, Arizona 17-21 April.

“They’re surprised how versatile the instrument is,” says Mikko. “And that you can use the Mikael Mikkosame aerosol generator all the way from cell- to animal exposures. The fact that the system only needs minute amounts of powder is always appreciated, and that the Standard Deviation is low thanks to active dosing.”

Typically, PreciseInhale requires around 50 mg of test substance for a full PK study – significantly less than the gram range required by many tower exposure methodologies. PreciseInhale’s one-animal-at-a-time testing method reduces the variability of exposure between animals too, producing data with a typical standard deviation of <10%.

“If you’re interested in new technology that can make you more competitive come and meet us at Stand 41,” says Mikko. “You can see the system for yourself. I’m excited about meeting the knowledgeable people at RDD, showing them PreciseInhale and discussing aerosol administration with them.”

CSO Per Gerde onsite throughout

ISAB’s CSO Per Gerde, a global pioneer in inhalation science, will also be at the Stand. With a strong background at the Lovelace Institute and Karolinska Institutet Dr Gerde will be on-hand with the system to meet visitors and discuss their operations.