ISAB succesfully installs PreciseInhale at Fraunhofer's ITEM labs in Hanover

  • 30 maj, 2017
  • 13:19

On May 11 ISAB CSO and founder Per Gerde, and Product and Sales Manager Mikael Mikko, travelled to Hanover, Germany to install a new PreciseInhale system for Fraunhofer’s Toxicology and Experimental Medicine unit (ITEM).

CSO Per Gerde speaks to in vitro scientists in Hanover, Germany

During the visit Per Gerde shared knowledge and learnings with ITEM’s fellow in vitro pioneers, speaking to a large gathering of scientists. Fraunhofer ITEM is extremely advanced in the field of in-vitro testing.

Like ISAB, ITEM carries out preclinical testing on active pharmaceutical ingredients. ITEM also assess the cytotoxic and genotoxic potentials of environmental and occupational pollutants.

With ISAB’s extensive experience in environmental testing of airborne pollutants and nanoparticles, collaborating with groups such as SWETOX and Karolinksa Institutet, and its extensive pharmaceutical experience, the level of shared experience, expertise and commitment was impressive.

ITEM technician Martin Stemple tests the newly installed PreciseInhale

When PreciseInhale hale was installed ITEM technicians also got the chance to run and test the system themselves.

ISAB CEO Fredrik Sjövall: “Whether toxicological and environmental research or pharma, we’re seeing growing awareness in the most advanced inhaled sciences community that the old methods of ‘tower testing’ and inhaling liquid sprays just will not deliver.

A new level of precision, control, accuracy and innovation is needed. Research groups like the ITEM team are really showing the way, the quality and innovation of their work is outstanding. We’re proud to work with them.”