ISAB ramps up remote installation and digital training with third major project – client: ’PreciseInhale will become central in our developments of formulations for inhalation’

  • 1 juni, 2021
  • 08:24

On 19-20 May ISAB digitally trained the lab team at Aquilon Pharma to remotely install and operate its new PreciseInhale® system, the third such remote installation and training project carried out in recent months. Aquilon Pharma founder Professor Didier Cataldo: “With this process, we acquired stepbystep in-depth knowledge of the real capacities of this equipment. PreciseInhale® is the perfect multifunctional tool, that will become central in our developments of formulations for inhalation.

Beatrice Bjering and the ISAB team carrying out digital training

Throughout Spring 2021, at sites across Europe, ISAB has carried out a series of remote installations and digital training sessions. Feedback from the training has been overwhelmingly positive. Professor at the University of Liège, and founder of Aquilon Pharma, Didier Cataldo: “PreciseInhale® is the perfect multifunctional tool, that will become central in our developments of formulations for inhalation. We are enthusiast about the remote installation process that runs smoothly and is friendly. With this process, we acquired step-by-step in depth knowledge of the real capacities of this equipment”

Using a combination of live digital instructions and monitoring, structured around PreciseInhale’s clear, step-by-step installation manual, customers are able to install the system and complete the IQ, OQ and PQ (installation, operational and performance quality) validation. This ensures that every aspect of the newly installed system performs correctly. This is followed by an onboarding of the operating team, typically a 2-day basic training. Participants completing the training receive a certificate recognizing them as approved operators of PreciseInhale®.

ISAB Product Engineer Beatrice Bjering: “Assembly and training are both based on PreciseInhale’s installation manual together with Teams´ live meeting function, with a mounted camera to enable close-ups on the system. Customers can take the training at their own speed, and we can be more flexible on training dates. We usually demonstrate a procedure once on our instrument, and the customer repeats it on their own system.”

“The system operator isn’t normally there when we carry out onsite installations,” says Product and Sales Manager Mikael Mikko, “there is a benefit to the person who is going to operate the system installing it too. Setting it up and running IQ, OQ and PQ tests can help you feel more comfortable and hands-on from day one. We want customers to use the system as much as possible. So this can be positive and ensure a swift take-up of the technology.”

ISAB Chief Commercial Officer Paolo Raffaelli: “In 2021 we’ve been proactive in ramping up our digital capabilities across the board, and remote training and installation are an essential part of that. It’s vital we keep this digital lead going. The need for inhalation research that reduces risk and speeds up drug development is greater than ever – increasing our digital capabilities helps us deliver that to more customers in more places, reducing their risk and cutting their costs.”