PreciseInhale® input: Inhaler

Inhaler Aerosol Generator

The inhaler actuation device is coupled to the PreciseInhale® in order to produce respirable aerosols and precisely dose each exposure object from any inhaler. Suitable for DPIs as well as pMDIs.


  • Precise repeatable dosing of exposure object
  • Allows coupling of any inhaler to the PreciseInhale®
  • (DPIs and MDIs/pMDIs)
  • Automatic actuation
  • Adjustable inhalation flow rate
  • Registration of pressure drop (DPIs)
  • USP (United States Pharmacopoeia) design

Inhaler Aerosol Generator – Technical Specifications


  • Enables comparison of formulations in different inhalers vs. commercial reference inhaler
  • Repetetive and controlled emitted dose
  • Actuates any type of inhaler
  • In line with development regulation demands