Inhalation Sciences sponsors Special Seminar on FDA Collaboration in Stockholm

  • 14 juni, 2019
  • 08:09

ISAB is co-sponsoring a Special Summit “How to succeed with the FDA”, headlined by US regulatory pharma expert Dr Ann Rose, CEO of ViCRO. ISAB Chairman Fredrik Sjövall will host a working dinner at the event. CEO Lena Heffler: “We’re keenly aware of how interested US regulatory bodies are in IVIVC and in vitro testing as part of inhaled drug development. We’re delighted to take part in the event”.

The event will be held by SALSS (Swedish American Life Science Summit), 16-18 June, Tulegatan 8, Stockholm. Sponsors include Vinnova, Roche and others as well as ISAB. Attendees include Dr Jenni Nordborg, the Swedish Government Office’s National Coordinator of Life Sciences, and Barbro Ehnbom, head of SALSS, which brings together US capital investors and innovative Swedish Life Science companies.

CEO Lena Heffler: “US regulators clearly value in vitro testing as a way of making drug development faster, safer and more efficient, and of replacing, reducing and refining the use of animals in trials—so we’re always excited to see how US regulatory requirements around inhaled drug testing are evolving. Seminars by experts like Washington DC regulatory expert Dr Ann Rose are crucial in educating Swedish companies about the reality of doing pharma business in the US, the opportunities, and requirements. We’re really looking forward to this!”