Inhalation Sciences sign agreement with UK IVD consultants Pathaway at Kings College London customer event

  • 13 juni, 2019
  • 14:16

“Pathaway speak our language. Their network and expertise within the UK’s IVD (in vitro diagnostic) market is outstanding”, on June 5 ISAB CEO Lena Heffler met with representatives of UK IVD consultants Pathaway at ISAB customer Kings College London, hosted by Professor Ben Forbes.

Kings College London, r-l:: Research student Wachirun Terakosolphan, Prof Ben Forbes, Chidi Anyaechee (Pathaway In Vitro Diagnostics consultant) KCL research students Precious Akhuemokhan, Ivana Stolfa, Carl Sorace (Pathaway)

“It was a fantastic day where Pathaway were able to meet KCL postdoctoral researchers who use PreciseInhale® all the time. Together with KCL’s data it gave them a good understanding of the high potential of PreciseInhale® within UK labs,” says CEO Lena Heffler. “We believe that this agreement, which is based on achieved sales only, will generate new leads and drive new sales throughout the UK’s crowded, high-potential IVD market.”

The meeting was hosted at Kings College London Institute of Pharmaceutical Science by Professor Ben Forbes. KCL is a long-standing customer of Inhalation Sciences. In 2018 Professor Forbes’ team won the 2018 Drug Delivery and Translational Research Best Research Paper Award, for critical aerosol research they carried out using inhalation Sciences’ PreciseInhale®.