Inhalation Sciences release 3 research posters with collaborators at Drug Delivery to the Lungs Conference 2017 (DDL2017)

  • 1 december, 2017
  • 13:46

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, – 1 December 2017. Inhalation Sciences instruments will be presented in 3 different scientific posters at the annual DDL conference in Edinburgh, UK next week (6-8 December). Kings College London (KCL) and Hovione researchers co-wrote two of the posters.

ISAB CSO Per Gerde: “These results showcase our technology’s genuinely unique capabilities—from high quality aerosol generation to in vitro simulation”.

The titles and list of full authors of the posters are available on the conference website

Poster 5, unique pMDI capability

Title: Characterisation of aerosols from solution-based pressurised metered dose inhalers (pMDIs) when delivered by PreciseInhale®. Written by Wachirun Terakosolphan from King’s College London, Maria Malmlöf from ISAB and others.
Few inhalation R&D systems can test and generate aerosols from commercial inhalers. This poster shows how PreciseInhale® can, and the data it gathered doing so.

Poster 20, separating coarse particles and agglomerates

Title: Dissolution of Orally Inhaled Drugs using DissolvIt ®: Influence of a Newly Designed Pre-Separator for Particle Collection. Written by Beatriz Noriega and Eunice Costa from Hovione, Maria Malmlöf from ISAB and others. Coarse and agglomerated particles can obstruct early data in inhaled drug development. This poster shares the findings of a new ISAB pre-separator that separates coarse particles and agglomerates early on from finer aerosol.

Poster 14, control air pressure and you can control particle size distribution when generating aerosols using PreciseInhale®

Title: Effect of Compressed Air Pressure on Particle Size Distribution During Aerosol Generation with Ultrafine TiO2. Written by Maria Malmlöf, Mattias Nowenwik and Per Gerde from ISAB. Adjusting air pressure can let us better control aerosol characteristics, i.e. particle size distribution. This poster demonstrates how.

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