Inhalation Sciences receives new Contract Research order for DissolvIt ®

  • 31 mars, 2019
  • 16:56

DissolvIt is in demand: Inhalation Sciences (ISAB) has received a new Contract Research order worth EURO 20,000. The client has chosen again to go with DissolvIt, ISAB’s lung simulation tool, because it enables them to rank and analyse  inhalable substances, and analyse twice as many substances as they have with traditional methods.

DissolvIt will test and rank different inhalable formulations in the same project, in a simulated lung-like set up, a unique capability. It analyses which substances absorb, dissolve and perform best in the lungs, and which can be discarded, delivering in-depth data on all substances.

DissolvIt’s ability to deliver detailed dissolution data – including cmax, tmax curves and retention time – from lung-like amounts of substance in a lung-like environment, has previously been shown to rank candidates similarly to what was seen in vivo. This, and the fact that twice as many substances can be tested at this early point, optimizes the chances for success in the project, and was crucial in the client’s decision to use ISAB for tis research once again.

ISAB CEO Lena Heffler: “Senior world inhalation researchers have called DissolvIt ‘leading’ before in its capabilities—and another order like this confirms it. We’re delighted that the order is from a returning customer clearly impressed with earlier data. We look forward to continuing the collaboration.”

For more information on Inhalation Sciences, please contact:

Lena Heffler, CEO
Telephone: +46 (0)70 205 9620