Inhalation Sciences’ new Board member brings Medtech Sales & Marketing drive, insight and experience

  • 19 december, 2018
  • 09:29

“The best way to get people to like and approve the product is to get them to try it out for themselves”. Meet Manoush Masarrat, ISAB’s new Board member. With extensive experience in medtech, including the asthma and inhalation market,Manoush will be encouraging ISAB to think outside the box in his area of outstanding expertise—strategic Sales and Marketing.

Manoush Masarrat has over 15 years’ leadership experience in Medtech with a firm focus on strategic Sales & Marketing. He is currently CEO of ExScale Bio Spec AB. His earlier role as Managing Director for ElectorCore AB included work in the asthma and inhalation market.

How do you see ISAB within the inhalation market?

“I believe ISAB offers something genuinely unique. In all the roles I’ve had in Medtech I’ve seen how differentiation is key. If you have a product that can be clearly differentiated from the competition—then you have a winning solution. When I compare PreciseInhale® with what’s out there I see that ISAB has that solution. Now we need to work together to highlight the advantages of the product and get it into the hands of as many users as possible.”

ISAB’s Vision is ‘PreciseInhale® will become the standard R&D tool for all inhalation research worldwide’. Do you think that is achievable?

“Absolutely! Otherwise I wouldn’t have taken the post! Obviously it won’t happen overnight, but it is definitely something we should keep working towards and I believe it is achievable for sure.”

You’ve worked with a lot of firms who have transitioned from R&D to product manufacturing.What are the common challenges?

“You can have the most exciting innovative product the world has ever seen from a R&D p.o.v, – but is it sellable? Will the market accept it? That is often where basic R&D companies are challenged. ISAB have come a long way when it comes to commercialization, and a big success factor has been how close they are to their customers and market.

“Take price. These days all companies are competing on costs and spending. So internal buy-in and approval isn’t fast, especially for a large capex R&D system. Often with R&D tech the users, who really understand the benefits, don’t have the final say. That’s down to Finance, who have tough spending targets to meet. So product manufacturers need to be smarter about really concretely the savings—so that not just users but everyone throughout the value chain gets it immediately.”

What role does Contract Research play?

“It’s crucial—especially in this area! The best way to get people to understand and approve the product is to get them to try it. Providers have to get really creative and think out of the box when it comes to things like trial and finance packages. I’ve often seen how things like licensing for a limited trial period and finance packages can help build buy-in internally. When a systems is actually on site, delivering data everyone gets to see the value. “

What will you bring to the Board personally?

“I will be challenging and encouraging ISAB to think outside the box. It’s vital to really get a clear picture of where we are and even more importantly, where we want to be as a company in a couple of years. How to get there, defines company’s strategy and that is where I hope I can contribute with my background and experience.”