Inhalation Sciences: five key features driving DissolvIt ® market launch

  • 29 mars, 2020
  • 17:24

Inhalation Sciences recently shipped two newly commercialized DissolvIt®  units to two customers—in just one week. What are the new and optimized features in this final market version that help make DissolvIt® so much in demand? ISABs in vitro specialist and Director of Projects Maria Malmlöf explains.



“I’ve run the new system many times now and it feels very smooth-running and luxurious compared to the prototype” says Maria Malmlöf, ISAB’s Director of Projects, “it’s easier to handle, looks far better in design, and there’s precision and automation in every step and component—this is a far more usable system.”

Malmlöf’s work has been critical to the development of ISAB’s preclinical in vitro dissolution tool. She has worked with DissolvIt ® for ten years on extensive Contract Research in over twenty CRO projects, including teaching visiting research collaborators how to use DissolvIt ®. The automation of key processes in the new system, she says, has improved usability.


“The more automation the less deviation, the less chance of the operator influencing the data” Malmlöf says. “In this market version everything (the start of the experiment, the start of the pump, the fraction collector and the photo capture) is steered by a computer. Having all commands automized and available in the same place contributes to increased control, increased precision and lower Standard Deviation data,” says Malmlöf.

The automation of the Fraction Collector is highly improved, enabling precise repeatable sample periods down to 5 seconds, or 35 microliters to be set.


Every component in the commercial release has been precision-engineered to exacting standards, to reduce risk of deviation and increase user control. “In prototype versions we often tried out different materials, in this final market version every component has been standardized, documented and manufactured to exact specifications” Malmlöf says.


Each DissolvIt ® experiment is activated and controlled by four onscreen software programs: the DissolvItIt ® control, (steers the experimental start and the temperature regulation), the Perfusate Control (steers the pumps), the MicroFrac (steers programming and start of Fraction Collector) and ImageView (the Microscopy camera program). “All these programs are highly usable and add control and precision to the experiment. They also aid training, making it easier for customer to train new technicians to use the tool.”


At the heart of DissolvIt ®are its dissolution chambers. New systems include an initial package of 12 disposable units, with new packages available on request. “In our prototype these chambers were made by a sole trader working with two other small companies, now they’re made in large volume by a single specialist plastic manufacturing company all under one roof” says Malmlöf. “The dissolution chambers are at the heart of the system, they are where the dissolution actually happens, again standardizing the manufacture and supply ultimately helps reduce deviation.”

CEO Manoush Masarrat: “Precision and control are the hallmarks of ISAB technology. In every feature of our new, commercialized DissolvIt ® module is optimized to increase control and precision and eliminate deviation. DissolvIt ® has long been seen by many in the industry as the first tool that can seriously show In Vitro-In Vivo correlation (IVIVC). For developers of inhaled drugs, gaining precise, predictive, preclinical IVIVC data early on reduces risk, reduces development costs and increases speed of development. DissolvIt ® has already received advanced orders as more researchers realize that whatever their challenge, they can solve it with DissolvIt ®.”

DissolvIt ® key benefits and features:

  • Ranks substances according to solubility
  • Monitors absorption as well as dissolution
  • Identifies successful, effective Drug Candidates early on
  • Delivers exceptionally detailed data incl. Cmax and Tmax curves
  • Optical microscopy shows real-time dissolution of particles
  • Customizable, programmable Fraction Collector for flexible sampling