In vitro dissolution tests – DissolvIt

DissolvIt® dissolution studies de-risk your R&D work by ranking and identifying the right drug candidates – at an early stage.

For more than 10 years DissolvIt has provided clients with head-to-head dissolution and absorption data of their compounds compared to the originator product, providing insight into the compounds’ behavior in clinical PK trials.

In vitro dissolution tests – DissolvIt

  • In vitro (and non-biological) simulation of particle dissolution and absorption using an artificial air-blood barrier

Reveals the effect on dissolution of

  • Change of CMO on APIs
  • Different micronization methods
  • Different formulations (e.g. carrier-based vs composite, free-base vs salt, etc)
  • Composition (crystalline vs amorphous)


  • High discriminatory power: Complex generics: comparison of test items to RLD
  • High potential correlation to PK curves: Selection of most suitable production batches to PK trials

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IRS Brochure – Inhalation Research Services
DissolvIt® – Technical Specifications


  • Full aerosol characterization
  • Both dissolution and absorption data for ranking of candidate drugs and comparison of generic candidates versus reference drugs
  • Absorption profiles with Cmax and tmax resembling clinical absorption profiles
  • Light microscope photos and/or video of real-time dissolution before/during dissolution
  • SEM photos of deposited particles
  • Full report including: Cmax and tmax, area under the curve (AUC), raw and normalized data
  • High resolution curves (over 20 sampling points in time)