In vitro cell permeability tests

Inhalation Sciences offers permeability and toxicology studies based on cells cultures exposed at the air-liquid interface (ALI) for physiological experiments with higher in vitro-in vivo correlation value. In the ALI setup cells are exposed to air at the ”luminal” side and media at the ”vascular” side, mimicking the conditions in the lung.

The commercially available human cell models include nowadays bronchial, alveolar and nasal cell cultures, allowing for ideal studies on biologics. Together with the physiological exposure, these cell models allow for highly relevant in vitro results.

In vitro cell permeability tests

  • Exposure at Air-Liquid Interface
  • Physiologic conditions

Key benefits

  • Enables studies of cellular effects induced by airborne particles
  • Cell exposure at an Air-Liquid Interface, simulating the lung environment

XposeALI® – Technical Specifications