Ex vivo Isolated Perfused Lung method

Inhalation Sciences offers the Isolated Perfused Lung (IPL) model as a research service to deliver lung-specific information on your compound.

This modality enables a detailed understanding of a compound’s pharmaco-kinetic behavior, even in case of fast kinetic. In fact, the IPL model allows for faster sampling than in vivo experiments, providing detailed and smooth PK curves.
The ex vivo IPL method may be thought of as an in vivo study and being able to sample on the arterial side, avoiding all the shift to the right of the PK curves due to the circulation to the venous side where samples are obtained from in vivo subjects. This model is particularly appreciated for PK studies of biologics.

PK studies – Ex vivo data – Isolated Perfused Lung

In Ex vivo Isolated Perfused Lung method

  • Is a specially tailored version designed for aerosols generated by the PreciseInhale® system
  • Information provided: absorption rate in lungs and lung retention data
  • Inhalation Sciences’ IPL delivers exceptionally low standard deviation dosing rates, typically <10%, and high-resolution data of unequalled quality and detail.
  • The ex vivo isolated perfused and ventilated lung (IPL) is a well-established experimental model extensively used for toxicological and pharmacological studies.
  • Unlike in vitro experiments, with the IPL model it is possible to study the effects of different agents in an intact organ, with physiological cell-to-cell contacts and a native intracellular matrix.

Key benefits

  • Correlation: Excellent correlation of the IPL model to PK data from intact animals, hence correlation to human PK data
  • Data quality: frequent sampling compared to in vivo PK studies: smooth curves and never missing Cmax
  • Substance consumption efficiency: Small amounts of substance consumed (PreciseInhale aerosol generator)
  • Broad range of substances: From small molecules, fast- or slow-dissolving to biologics
  • Flexible aerosol sources:
    – dry powder (API),
    – inhalers (DPIs or pMDIs)
    – nebulizer

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