Nose-Only in vivo

With Nose-Only Inhalation Research Services offer systemic PK- or tox data of precision dosed rodents, from minimal amount of substance.

With the rat Nose-Only exposure module connected to PreciseInhale®, rats can be exposed to short duration inhalation exposures to respirable aerosols for in vivo studies.


  • Individual control of inhaled dose (standard deviation usually <10%)
  • High precision when repeating exposures in several animals
  • Ideal for repeated exposure series
  • 3R data using reduced number of animals
  • Absorption profile of test substance in the systemic blood stream
  • Flexible time-points for post-exposure samplings

Rat restraint connected to the PreciseInhale® (left) and precision dosing illustrated by measurement of aerosol concentration and cumulative inhaled aerosol dose (right)

Nose-only in vivo

IRS Brochure – Inhalation Research Services
Nose-Only Exposure Module – Technical Specifications