DissolvIt®: in vitro dissolution

With DissolvIt® Inhalation Research Services de-risks your R&D work by ranking and identifying the right drug candidates – at an early stage. For more than 10 years IRS have provided generic companies with head-to-head dissolution and absorption data of their formulations compared to the orignator product.

In vitro (and non-biological) simulation of particle dissolution and absorption using an artificial air-blood barrier.


  • Both dissolution and absorption data for ranking of candidate drugs and comparison of generic candidates versus reference drugs
  • Absorption profiles with Cmax and tmax resembling clinical absorption profiles
  • Full aerosol characterization
  • Light microscope photos and/or video of real-time dissolution before/during dissolution
  • Full report including: Cmax and tmax , area under the curve (AUC), raw and normalized data

Dissolution and absorption profiles of three different generic candidates compared to their originator product.

The dissolution process is captured by the inverted microscope´s camera


IRS Brochure – Inhalation Research Services
DissolvIt® Technical Specifications