Five Preclinical Services

IRS offers five preclinical research services, all delivering precise, predictive, preclinical data with a typical Standard Deviation of <10%. All five are carried out using ISAB’s PreciseInhale® aerosol generator, its extensive range of exposure modules and its signature Precision Dosing methodology.

Aerosol sources

Precision dosing system

Exposure modules


Dry powder


(DPIs and pMDIs)


Nebulized “dry
powder like” aerosols

Customized research

IRS offers exceptionally flexible, customizable research with its extensive range of advanced exposure modules:

  • IRS’ 5 preclinical services can be mixed and matched
  • The same aerosol can be exposed through a wide choice of exposure modules
  • Aerosol dose and strength of air pressure can be precisely tailored to test substance

The IRS team

Inhalation Sciences developed its technology through over a decade of intensive contract research. Its multi-disciplinary team has worked on inhalation projects and substances ranging from novel inhaled pharmaceuticals to airborne nanopollutants.

Headed by Associate Professor Per Gerde, the IRS team is committed to achieving exceptional results for all its customers through its versatility, precision and outstanding professionalism.

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