First 100 DAYS: ISAB’s New CEO Manoush Masarrat

  • 3 december, 2019
  • 13:43

On 16th September Manoush Masarrat stepped up as new CEO of Inhalation Sciences. With 15 years’ Medtech leadership experience and 10 months as an ISAB Board member, how were his first 100 days?

“I stepped in at a really exciting time for inhalation Sciences – and it hasn’t stopped for a second.

“During the first 100 days we reported how our sales up to and including October 2019 increased 209% compared to the same period in 2018. The shipping and installation of a major 1.5 MSEK order to the Singapore labs of a returning global customer was key to this. The customer had already seen the kind of data they were getting in their European labs from PreciseInhale® – so they wanted their Asian operations too to seize that lead. This clearly speaks to the status and value of the business we’re looking at doing.

“We believe our upcoming clinical trials of PreciseInhale® will open up enormous new possibilities for us and our customers. With successful clinical validation customers will be able to use PreciseInhale® from preclinical to phase 1 / First in Man testing – using the same aerosol. For the first time this could enable genuine IVIVC comparisons – significantly accelerating drug development and giving those companies who have that technology a serious, significant lead.


“Finally, my first 100 days will end with an important event – for me, ISAB and the industry as a whole. From December 10 – 13 we’ll be in Edinburgh for the Drug Delivery to the Lungs conference – DDL. It’s the landmark Annual conference for the industry and this year is DDL’s 30th Anniversary – so it’s going to be huge. I’m proud that we’re Silver Sponsors and we’re already booking meetings there with new prospects as well as existing partners.

“I’m looking forward to the next 100 days and the whole of the next year. I’m convinced 2020 will be an exciting year of value and leadership confirmed and delivered – for us and our customers.”

CEO Manoush Masarrat