Astra Zeneca to release new data from PreciseInhale at AIT Conference, Copenhagen, Oct 26-27

  • 9 oktober, 2017
  • 09:46

Astra Zeneca will release data achieved using PreciseInhale in a poster at the Association of Inhalation Toxicologists (AIT) in Copenhagen, Denmark, October 16-27. Astra Zeneca already began using PreciseInhale in research in Summer 2017, prior to ISAB’s announcement on Sept 27 that the company had decided to purchase PreciseInhale outright. The AIT poster will show data from the collaboration.

How can batch-to-batch variance be reduced in preclinical inhalation R&D? It’s a question many  researchers ask, and one of the focus areas explored in Astra Zeneca’s recent inhalation research.  PreciseInhale was chosen by Astra Zeneca due to its quick set up, short characterization time and its ability to use small precise amounts of test substance compared to traditional methods of blade scraping aerosol generator.

At the AIR Conference in Copenhagen, Oct 26-27, Astra Zeneca releases a poster announcing the results it achieved in its research.