Our team


EX VIVO AND IN VIVO STUDIES A medical doctor and senior in vivo and ex vivo research scientist, Ewa generates highly detailed lung-specific data with ISAB’s IPL (Isolated Perfused Lung.) She has co-written influential papers on ex vivo research and helped develop the module into the highly tailored, sophisticated ex vivo technology it is today.


PRODUCT AND SALES MANAGER Mikael Mikko plays a key role in Sales & Marketing, driving the ongoing design and development of all ISAB products and features, including accessories and disposables. He leads technology transfers and is ISABs Training Coordinator. His doctorate at Karolinska Institutet (T-cells in COPD) was followed by four years as Technical Science Support for Beckton Dickinson.


SYSTEMS DEVELOPER With an MsC in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Carl-Olof has worked in medtech for 35 years in Software and Product Development. He has worked side-by-side with ISAB’s founder Per Gerde since 17 years, and continues to develop ISAB’s advanced software and sensor technology.


Director of Projects With a M.Sc. in Biotechnology from Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology and PhD research ongoing, Maria Malmlöf has co-authored a list of publications in inhalation R&D, specializing in in vitro dissolution. Maria has played a key role in the evolution of ISAB’s in vitro dissolution system DissolvIt ® and its 3D cell culturing technology XposeALI ®. As ISAB’s Director of Projects her expertise and experience guides all ongoing customer and contract research and development projects.


PRODUCT ENGINEER Beatrice Bjering works with testing of ISAB instruments and accessories, as well as service and installation of PreciseInhale®. She has also worked with developing the remote installation and remote training of the different generation modules for PreciseInhale® and the DissolvIt ® system. Beatrice has an MsC in Biomedical Engineering from Swedens KTH Royal Institute of Technology.


OFFICE MANAGER, ADMINISTRATOR Ann-Katrin has previously studied Finance and Marketing, with her background at Karolinska Institutet leading her to her present role as Office Manager at Inhalation Sciences, where she is responsible for keeping the office running and overseeing administrative support.

Otto Lundberg

Product & Production Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering, 8 years’ experience in different production environment ranging from electrical to mechanical components. Upholds an effective production with up-to-date drawings, standards, and deliveries.

Helen Bäckroos

Quality and Regulatory Manager Master of Science in Chemical Engineering and almost 20 years’ experience in the field of medical device. Ensures an effective Quality Management System to assure customer satisfaction and that the steadily increasing regulatory demands are met.