Benchmarking reveals PreciseInhale best-in-class

  • 5 december, 2013
  • 15:54

What sets PreciseInhale, Inhalation Sciences’ precision dosing system, apart from its competitors? New benchmarking reveals the history and benefits of the system that is currently rolling out its…

Increase control, reduce costs with DissolvIt

  • 5 december, 2013
  • 15:52

DissolvIt – Inhalation Sciences’ in vitro simulation module – has been continuously enhanced over years of close collaboration with, amongst others, Astra Zeneca and GSK. Today it includes…

First buyers and major industry interest for PreciseInhale

  • 20 september, 2013
  • 15:51

PreciseInhale, Inhalation Sciences’ flagship patented precision dosing system for early stage inhalation drug development, is currently earning the attention of a range of respiratory medical companies, inhalation labs…

US Patent Approval for PreciseInhale System

  • 19 september, 2013
  • 15:51

STOCKHOLM – September 18, 2013. Inhalation Sciences Sweden AB, a portfolio company of Karolinska Development, announces today that the company has received US Patent Approval for its flagship…

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